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The cost of living in new York

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The cost of living in new York

New York, the Big Apple or the “capital of peace” is the most expensive city in America and one of the most expensive cities in the world; however, the city is well known for its ability to “lure” money provides many opportunities to economize.

Features budget

According to the largest international consulting companies, including a recent survey by Mercer «2015 Cost of Living Rankings», New York is the most expensive city to live in the United States – and one of the most expensive cities in the world on the value of goods and services. Megapolis consistently among the top three cities, the most popular life ultrahaynetov – people whose condition is estimated $ 30 million and above. In 2015, according to «The Wealth Report» of the company Knight Frank, New York ranked second after London.

Like any metropolis of the world, the biggest monthly expenses articles for both residents and visitors to the Big Apple is a real estate leases. So, taking into account the cost of square meters in New York City, its inhabitants spent a month nearly 130% more than the average Muscovite. However dramatically cheapened ruble rapidly reduces this difference. If you need to spend money to rent the roof over your head no, then for a comfortable stay in New York, one person enough about $ 1150 per month. A family of four needed a monthly budget of at least $ 4,200.

Lifestyle in New York and dictates its costs. Of course, cooking at home and lead a “moderate” activity in the form of exploring the city, jogging in the parks and rare visits to restaurants – an order of magnitude cheaper than regular trips to restaurants, cinema, concerts and social events. Expats who have spent in New York, a sufficient amount of time, in general, there is a high diversity of fresh products and good quality goods than in Moscow, taking into account the average level of the US – until recently – Russian income.

The cost of the food basket

According to the data of Public and Economic Research Council, the cost of food in New York on 28-39% (depending on the area) higher than the average cost of the food basket, approved in the US average. Thus, if the United States the average resident spends about $ 200 a month for food, moving to New York this cost increases up to $ 260. megacity residents have long been accustomed to the fact that VAT is not specified on the price list and is not included in the amount of the check, but the foreigners first have to adapt to this.

Average food prices in New York:

  • Milk (1 liter) – $ 1.85
  • Loaf of fresh white bread – $ 2.4-5
  • Figure (1 kg) – $ 2.7
  • Eggs (12 pcs.) – $ 3,5-5
  • Local cheese (1 kg) – $ 12.7
  • Chicken fillet (1 kg) – $ 11.6
  • Fruits (apples, oranges, bananas) – $ 2-5,5 per 1 kg
  • Vegetables (tomatoes, potatoes, onions) – $ 3,2-5,5 per 1 kg
  • Bottled drinking water (1.5 L) – $ 2-4
  • Coca-Cola (2 liter) – $ 3.70
  • a bottle of wine – $ 10
  • Local beer (0.5 l) – $ 1,85-2,7
  • Imported beer (0.33 liters) – $ 2.8
  • a pack of cigarettes (Marlboro) – $ 13


Cosmopolitan New York reflected in the gastronomy of the metropolis. Perhaps such a variety of cuisines and classifications presented culinary delights not found anywhere else in the world. Traditional and modern eco-markets, food festivals, food courts, food trucks, small inexpensive and exclusive cafes, snack bars, restaurants, brands and most exotic destinations, gourmet establishments with Michelin stars – all of these in abundance enjoys both gourmet resident as well as a guest of New York. As you can guess, Chinese cuisine can be enjoyed in Chinatown, Italian – in Little Italy. Not deprived of New York, and restaurants of Russian and Ukrainian cuisine. Also, Indian, Japanese, Spanish, and Mexican t. D.

With regard to prices, the average cost of a dinner for two in a mid-range restaurant will be $ 80, in a cafe you can eat for $ 18, in the establishment of fast food combo meal costs about $ 8, and famous hot dogs in the street trailers are only $ 2.

For a real soup and dumplings, pies and pancakes, you can go to restaurants and Veselka Odessa, Korchma Taras Bulba or Skovorodka. It places the average price range in which the average bill will be about $ 50 per person. The most popular Russian restaurant in New York – “Samovar» (West 52 Str.), Which is, in fact, the gastronomic center of the Russian culture in the city. Where you can taste the pickles (sauerkraut, pickles and marinated mushrooms), horseradish vodka and garlic, cabbage, soup or soup, pies and pancakes, jelly and salad (Russian salad, vinaigrette). As for prices, the portion of borscht, mushroom soup or soup is worth $ 12-16 here, plain pancakes stuffed with meat, cheese or potatoes with sour cream will cost $ 12, and a portion of pancakes with black sturgeon caviar is worth now $ 110- $ 120. For brand “Russian Samovar” tea with cherry jam and honey will have to pay $ 7.

New York – a trendsetter and trendsetter of the world of haute cuisine. As in France, the best places, here tend to practice novice chefs to work under the supervision of masters. For seats in exclusive restaurants are ready to fight the best of the best. In the city as much as 76 restaurants, marked Michelin stars: 60 “one-star” 10 “two-star” and 6 establishments with one star. In comparison, none of the Moscow schools have not yet attracted the attention of well-known culinary guide.

For New Yorker – the usual case not only regularly visit restaurants and cafes, but also order food to take away. The menu may be limited unless the customer’s imagination – and the average check amount is $ 15-25 for a full lunch and dinner. Among the most significant institutions, selected by leading publications in New York, and delivers, you can first of all be called Joe’s Shanghai in Chinatown (soups and dimsamy), Eat Here Now in the Upper East Side (creative burgers, omelets, pastries), The Smoke Joint in Fort Greene (barbecue), a pizzeria Motorino in Williamsburg or the East Village, Noodle Shop Noodle Bar on Carmine street, as well as burgernaya BLT Burger on Sixth Avenue.

Clothing, accessories, gifts

The list of common expenditure of urban residents, in addition to the food basket will certainly includes the budget for a wardrobe update, as well as a basic list of cosmetic products. With a difference of the ruble and the dollar basic personal hygiene products in New York will cost more than in Moscow. For example, roll-on deodorant is here about $ 4, shampoo (400 ml) – of about $ 7, and a tube of toothpaste will cost $ 2.5.

Jeans (Levi’s or analogs) will cost $ 52-54, summer dress in the chain stores can be purchased for $ 38 and men’s shoes (leather shoes or athletic shoes) – for $ 85-120. But New York – the city special chic in the images of local residents and incomparable fashion street. One of the ancestor of the New York style is considered shocking designer Patritsiya Fild. It was she who created the image of the heroine of the series “Sex and the City” movie, “The Devil Wears of Prada,” “Confessions of a Shopaholic” and many other films. In her boutique, located on Bowery Street, you can find dresses and T-shirts with abstract colored prints, sunglasses and shoes, wigs and sports cap with a veil, jewelry and accessories. One T-shirt by Patricia Field costs between $ 100 and gold-plated pendant with a designer’s name – from $ 140, but any thing from boutique fashion stylist and costume, by the way, was nominated for an Academy Award and Emmy, make New York to take you for his own.

Of course, New York – this Haute Couture, which today fashionistas-Muscovites difficult to surprise (world and American designers are represented in the Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdale’s, Barney’s). But that’s a separate item on the agenda of all who follow the trends, is a visit to the vintage New York boutiques, where you can find unique designer ‘objects’ age of 30 years and more. One of the most famous shops of vintage clothing city is New York Vintage, is located at 25 West Street. They come here, Rihanna, Susan Sarandon, and even First Lady Michelle Obama. Prices – to match the stellar shoppers. For example, the dress of the 1920s would cost here of $ 1500-2000. These ladies regard this acquisition as an investment, which over time will only grow in value.

As for the design of gifts, books and memorable details, then for them you can safely go to the store at the Museum of Modern Art MoMA.

Communications and Technology

In the modern metropolis of New York, where life without high-speed Internet is simply impossible to imagine charge unlimited Internet access costs an average of $ 52-54 per month, and a minute of conversation on a cell phone with prepaid traffic into account – at $ 0.14.

If necessary to settle a new apartment, the lion’s share of the costs will be the purchase of new settlers appliances. So, for example, 40-inch TV in New York can be purchased for $ 400, and the microwave oven (Panasonic, Sharp, Bosch and LG) – as low as $ 110.


Range of entertainment in New York is absolutely unlimited. Art lovers appreciate the Metropolitan Museum, where an area of 18.5 ha collected about 2 million art objects, allowing to get acquainted with the history and ancient cultures all over the world. You also can not ignore the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the Solomon Guggenheim and the American Museum of Natural History.

Active guests will be able to not only take a stroll through Central Park, but also to spend time in sports clubs, hot air balloon rides, paintball, rock climbing, or devote time to take over the world the eastern practice of meditation and yoga. Subscription to a fitness club for one adult in New York will cost $ 80, and some yoga studios offer a significant discount on the first month of classes. For example, in Modo Yoga NYC – West Village on Sixth Avenue, a subscription costs $ 40, and visitors can choose the duration of training: 60, 75 or 90 minutes. Unlimited subscription without limiting the number of sessions per month, costs $ 115, and one-time visit – about $ 8 (Yoga Agora on Broadway). Time to visit the majority of fitness clubs can be booked online. In fact, even with the current ratio of the ruble and the dollar, these prices are comparable with Moscow.

For those who wish to transform the body, not putting much effort, New York offers a variety of spas, massage parlors and beauty studios. For example, in Union Square is a small but very popular massage parlor Mahalo Massage NYC, where the hands of specialists for 90 minutes and $ 100 will relieve from back pain, neck and just help relieve fatigue. Approximately the same amount may be left in the Melt Massage & Bodywork on the Avenue Lafayette, at the same time in addition to visiting the massage you can do Pilates or yoga.

New York – the city that never sleeps, and the night life here is in full swing. Noisy clubs with electronic music, rock concerts or romantic lounge bars – the choice is limited only by the preferences of tourists. Especially popular are bars on the roofs of skyscrapers and iconic New York buildings – such as the cafe on the roof of the Metropolitan Museum, The Press Lounge bar in Manhattan or HAVEN Rooftop bar on the roof of the hotel The Haven at the Sanctuary.

A movie ticket costs $ 14-15, which is almost half more expensive than the average cost in the country.

With the apparent non-budgetary active life in New York, where you can find free entertainment. Thus, in an ordinary evening weekend platform of subway stations becomes a stage for street musicians. They play classical, jazz, hip-hop and blues – and it is absolutely free.

Rent and property maintenance

One-room apartment in an inexpensive central district of New York City will cost $ 2900, which is quite expensive, considering that in Moscow the same housing can be rented for $ 850 on average. Spacious “odnushka” in a prestigious area of New York, for example, in Manhattan, will cost about $ 3800 per month. Furnished studio (45 sq. M), depending on the area can be rented for $ 1800-2700 / month. Most budget property in New York is located in the Bronx, then in order of increasing real estate prices followed by Staten Island, Queens, Brooklyn, and tops the list of most expensive housing in New York – Manhattan. In addition, the tenant must pay for utilities, the size of which depends on the housing area and varies in the range of $ 100-150 per month.

Apartment cleaning forces of the New York cleaning company would cost about $ 27-30 per hour.


In New York, there are dozens of institutes, universities, colleges and high schools, but are considered to be the most famous of New York and Columbia University. Each of them will include the following, highlighted in the individual schools. Enrollment in US higher education institutions takes place on the basis of the average of the diploma (for undergraduate) or higher (to graduate) education and a certificate confirming the level of English proficiency. On a number of training programs apply additional requirements that depend on the specialization and the particular institution. “Tighten” their English language courses can be, but experts recommend a training program with the selected language university. The cost of language courses is about $ 300 per week (the learning process) or from $ 850 / week (training process + accommodation + food).

The spread of prices in the US for higher education is quite large, but on average it ranges from $ 7,000 to $ 35,000 per year. Annual tuition at the American school in view of the full board will cost parents of international students in the US $ 40 000-45 000.


Buying a personal vehicle, for example Volkswagen Golf 1.4, priced at $ 23,000, but with the cost of fuel ($ 0.7 per liter) and congestion of New York streets, buying your own transport here is not always justified. In addition, the vehicle owner must pay for a parking space, which is, for example, in Manhattan costs about $ 533 per month, which is twice more expensive than in Los Angeles or Hawaii. On the car insurance will have to spend an additional $ 4000 per year.

That is why many residents of New York prefer public transport: if you buy a ticket, the monthly costs barely exceed $ 110. Buying a single ticket for travel will cost $ 2.75.

A taxi ride on a weekday (base rate) would cost roughly $ 18.

Medical service

Upon arriving in the US must choose one of these three systems, medical insurance: a base (covers 75% of the cost), a hospital (80% of the cost), or total (100% of the cost). Permitted and even recommended a combination of different schemes, for example, purchase a basic insurance policy and the particular disease. In most cases, the cost of the insurance policy would cost $ 400-600 per month. It can be obtained in one of the insurance companies in Russia ( “Rosno”, “Ingosstrakh”, etc.), But, at first, not the fact that it will be cheaper, and secondly, such a policy will certainly be have certain constraints (such as treatment in a particular hospital).

In the absence of health insurance a short visit to a private doctor cost $ 130 for a 15 minute appointment. dental treatment altogether could cost $ 500-600. A week’s stay in the hospital without insurance must be paid by the collateral system. Tentatively, it will cost $ 3000-4000. Drugs that can be purchased without a prescription (Coldrex Frenadol or cold pack or antibiotics), are at the pharmacy $ 9-19.


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