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Top 7 destinations for buying apartments

Top 7 destinations for buying apartments

Apartments abroad can become a cozy “second home”, a place for seasonal recreation or a profitable investment for many years to come: therefore, the right choice of direction is very important for a visionary owner. Consider the top 7 European cities and resorts, ideal for buyers of apartments, pursuing completely different purposes.

1. Liquidity for All Seasons

Palma, Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain

Spain is an acknowledged European leader in real estate market dynamics. The country is confidently leading in terms of the number of requests of potential buyers on the portal Experts note that, although in some regions prices are still far from the “peak” indicators of 2007, Spain has confidently emerged from the crisis, and property prices and sales volumes will only grow. It is the islands of the Balearic and Canary archipelagos that were the first to show positive dynamics in the period of recovery from the crisis.

Mallorca was and remains the choice of those who appreciate exclusivity in everything: in a unique location, quality of construction and characteristics of real estate. The limited area of the island “dictates” the situation on the market: the volume of new construction here is small, and the objects appearing for sale literally “fly away” to new buyers. Demand for rent in the capital of the island of Palma is so great that the authorities of the island since July 1 this year have imposed a “veto” on the delivery of apartments to tourists. According to the international portal Numbeo, the average cost per square meter in the center of Palma is currently € 3800. At the same time, in the suburbs, the prices for quite spacious apartments with repairs start from € 250,000, and the price of exclusive properties may well be as high as € 3 million or more.

2. Ideal ecology

Golden Sands, Bulgaria

Bulgaria is an unequivocal favorite of Russians not only for seasonal rest, but also for buying real estate. The unique landscape and geographical features make it possible to make a choice among quite diverse objects: it can be both a tourist apartment on the beach, and a villa in the mountains, like a house on hot springs, and a prestigious apartment in a modern urban area, like a small student studio, and a huge estate in the immediate suburbs of the metropolis. Geographically, Bulgaria is conditionally divided into the northern and southern coasts. The north of the country is characterized by the presence of protected areas, new construction on the territory of which is prohibited, in connection with which the real estate market is represented mainly by secondary objects.

So, Golden Sands is such a resort. This is the choice of those who want to live in a unique, ecologically clean place, in the bosom of beautiful landscapes of the reserved territory and crystal clear sea. The developed infrastructure and the proximity of Varna (only 20 km) allow you to live here all year round. And the affordable prices for real estate cause the variety of choice. Prices for apartments on the first coast line start from € 1000, and in the distance from it – from € 750. The apartment has an area of 75 square meters. m in an exclusive residential complex on the first coastline will cost the buyer about € 60,000, and a small studio in 5-10 minutes from the beach can cost only € 24,000.

3. Letting out

Prague, Czech Republic

The real estate market in Prague today is one of the most dynamic areas for buying a rental property. Demand for buying and rent is so great, and the offer is limited, that apartment prices have soared here by 68% over the past five years. This is why investors invest heavily in them. Applicants for renting apartments in apartment buildings in the city center are literally lined up! And the city authorities officially recognize the supply deficit and are actively developing plans to renovate old districts – abandoned railway stations, industrial and industrial zones, old factories – into new modern quarters that meet the exacting demands of modern owners.

In the center of Prague, everything is sold and rented out. Particularly in demand are apartments of a relatively small area with one or two bedrooms, as well as studios. The cost per square meter in Prague’s new buildings for the year to April 2018 soared by 23% and is € 3500. Depending on the area of Prague, the prices for apartments can range from € 120,000 to € 2 million or more. The most demanded sector is apartments in the city center for delivery. “Average check” of the buyer of such objects will be € 300 000-450 000, and the yield can reach 7% per annum with competent management.

4. Family holidays

Alanya, Turkey

Turkey is another undoubted leader among Russian tourists and property buyers. A long season, warm sea, fresh food, affordable prices for accommodation and accommodation are just the main reasons for choosing this direction for a family vacation of foreigners from all corners of the world.

Convenient transport accessibility and constantly developing infrastructure dictate the choice of tourists and property buyers in favor of the popular resort of Alanya, located in the province of Antalya. Local airport Gazipasa accepts a lot of regular and charter flights, which makes traveling to the resort from Russia very convenient. The picturesque beaches of Alanya are marked by the prestigious status of the “Blue Flag”, and interesting historical sights and convenient infrastructure for recreation with children are the main reasons for buying holiday apartments. The choice of apartments here is limited, perhaps, only by the imagination of the future owner, and they are rented out so well that it is necessary to book a summer holiday already in the early winter. Small apartments in Alanya can be bought for € 40,000, and a prestigious secondary market apartment on the beach in the center of the city – for € 120,000.

5. Elite way of life

Boko-Kotor Bay, Montenegro

The picturesque landscape, convenient location, developed tourist infrastructure and huge potential for investment make Montenegro one of the most promising destinations for buying real estate in Europe. Boka Kotorsky Bay is completely protected by UNESCO for nothing: this corner of the country is not only very beautiful and has a unique microclimate, but also has valuable historical objects, against which new residential projects are built according to the highest world standards. Montenegro is a relatively new place for investment in elite real estate, but all far-sighted investors have already assessed the power of its potential and are actively investing in a growing market.

It is in the Boka Bay of Kotor that there are two global residential projects – Porto Montenegro in Tivat and Portonovi in the vicinity of Herceg Novi. They can be considered the standards of a new resort property, the highest international quality standard for the most demanding owners. This is a high cost, the highest level of construction, service and services. Marinas for yachts and superyachts, streets with boutiques, five-star hotels and spa centers from the world’s leading brands and of course a diverse selection of residential properties – from breathtaking penthouses with views of the pier to cozy apartments and detached villas – all available to buyers with a good budget . To buy this dream is to “pledge” not less than € 1 million.

6. Investments

Leipzig, Germany

Among the many European and world trends for buying investment real estate, Germany stands out today – confident, developed, stable. The economic “locomotive” of the Old World, this country offers some of the most profitable and reliable options for investing funds, with both multi-million and more affordable budgets. It can be both residential objects for rent, and commercial – profitable houses, parking lots, commercial and commercial areas, nursing homes, warehouses, offices. The main thing when choosing the most profitable object is to contact a reliable real estate agency that has experience of working directly with this sector of the market.

Among all the cities of Germany, Leipzig is the most prominent today, the fastest growing city in the country according to the Financial Times. Here you can still buy objects at prices that will be an order of magnitude lower than in the largest cities of the country (Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne). The average cost per square meter is here € 1000-2500, and the yield varies from 3-4% per annum in the central regions to 6-7% in less prestigious neighborhoods. A good investment apartment will cost € 50,000 here, whereas a similar facility in Berlin will cost € 150,000, and in Munich € 250,000.

7. Available residence permit

Crete, Greece

Today many buyers of foreign real estate choose an object for purchase, based on the possibility of obtaining a residence permit for themselves and their families. And Greece today offers investors the most accessible official program of the “Golden Visa”, allowing buyers of real estate worth from € 250,000 to apply for a residence permit from Greece and, accordingly, the European Union. At the moment, the Greek government has confirmed the information about the introduction of the investment program, the participants of which will be able to obtain a passport of the country with a contribution of € 2 million to the economy of the state.

Crete is a favorite destination for rest of Russians. This is the largest island in Greece and the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, the homeland of Zeus and a major and very important for the country tourist center. It is very convenient to get here from Russia (there are three airports that accept regular and charter flights), and the possibilities for buying real estate and recreation are literally limitless. Here you can buy as a relatively affordable, but at the same comfortable and high-class resort accommodation, which will get a residence permit for your entire family, as well as exclusive facilities. Due to the fact that the country is only emerging from the crisis, the prices for them will remain lower than for similar houses, villas or apartments in other popular countries of the Mediterranean coast. Today is the ideal time to buy, you should hurry!

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