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Tips for those who rent out a property for rent

Tips for those who rent out a property for rent

When deciding whether to rent an apartment or a house, many tenants are guided not only by logic, but also by the first impression of viewing housing; if it can be called cozy, then the chances of renting an apartment or house immediately increase; we learn how to see the ideal interior tenants, and give universal advice on how to create coziness in the home, regardless of the tastes and preferences of potential tenants.

Comfort and its components

If you collect all the requests and wishes of tenants in a single list, it turns out that most of them are related to comfort, but rather even with the functionality of future housing. The size and number of rooms, the presence of a dressing room, storage areas, terraces, as well as dishwashers and a children’s table are more important than the pattern on the wallpaper.

It seems that the design fades into the background.

However, no one will want to live in an uncomfortable house or apartment. What to look for when preparing housing for rent, to create the right impression? How to add coziness, if for everyone this is a concept?

The secret is simple, in fact, comfort is a universal concept. And it consists of three main concepts:

  • purity
  • functionality
  • vastness

Only when there is nothing superfluous in the room, and in the interior there are simple but necessary things, it looks harmonious. Regardless of tastes and material components, the ideal interior for any tenant is always clean, always spacious and always functional.

How to achieve the maximum for all points? Let’s consider in more detail


You can talk endlessly about purity and how important it is. But it’s easier to call a professional cleaning company once.

  • Too clean does not happen!

Try in interiors and decor not to use a lot of metal finishes and glass, they quickly get dirty and give the house a faulty look.

Avoid small embossed details in decorations – these are future places for dust accumulation. Also, give up too many ornaments: vases, paintings, pots with flowers, napkins and other things. When cleaning them, they do not pay much attention, and the guest will notice a 3-week dust.

Be sure to ventilate the house or apartment before meeting potential tenants.


No tenant will like the presence of cluttered cabinets and shelves. Dispose of all unnecessary things in advance, and remove the necessary ones.

  • All unnecessary – remove!

Avoid a large number of pieces of furniture in one room. It is better to leave only what is necessary. This will add room to the space

If you are renting a house for a short time, think about what the future tenant might need. A young family with children will soon make a choice in favor of a house and an apartment, where everything is already in place.

Also provide tenants with more storage space. Chests, cabinets, additional shelves – all this will help to maintain order in the house and preserve coziness.

If you rent an apartment for a long time, leaving furniture or furniture in the apartment is a controversial issue. Often secured tenants carry furniture and interior details with them. The exception is the kitchen – it must be fully furnished and equipped with the most modern home appliances.

Simplicity and spaciousness

The main thing in the interior of a rented house or apartment is simplicity, in other words, neutrality. Do not try to impress future guests with fanciful details in the interior and new-fangled design solutions.

  • Stick to minimalism!

Paint the walls white. Despite the fact that they can quickly get dirty, it’s much easier to refresh them. In addition, light colors add space.

In the bathroom finish, use beige color. While a completely white bathroom creates the impression of bright, clean space, white tiles and grout quickly lose their presentable appearance.

This will give you an advantage, because tenants always pay attention to the bathrooms.

Provide the maximum amount of light. In dark rooms everything seems less. Avoid non-standard colors in the interior. This will make it difficult to find a potential tenant and even scare him away – you will have to look for someone who completely shares your taste and preferences.

Details that will add coziness

These simple tips do not require repair, but immediately make your home or apartment cozier. You do not need much time or money – we present universal advice that will help create a warm, hospitable atmosphere, regardless of the tastes and preferences of future tenants:

1. Decorate the entrance group, if it comes to the house

The first impression matters.

2. Hang the mirrors

They will add volume to any space.

3. Take care of non-residential premises.

Balcony, terrace, backyard – decorate them and create a cozy corner for future tenants.

4. Put a coffee basket or a small gift in the form of wine and fruit or sweets. This will allow the tenant to feel at home and immediately make the right impression.

5. Put a bedside table or bedside table in the bedroom.

Many neglect this detail, and it gives extra comfort. A single bed and walls look sad.

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